Project Management

The purpose of the 10-week Project Management short course is to equip candidates with applied knowledge and skills in project planning and implementation and assist them to function successfully as project managers. It is essential that the project manager understands the features and characteristics of project management techniques, and how to improve effectiveness and efficiency in project work. The project manager’s challenge is to develop an understanding of the project management systems approach to manage the project and develop an appropriate leadership style to lead teams and stakeholders.
Mode: Technology-Enhanced Distance Learning
Starting Date: Every Month except December and January
Topic Lectures: Online lectures of each topic
Course Duration 10 Weeks on a part-time (online) basis
Is this course for me?

The course is specifically designed for:

  • Professional project managers.
  • Other professionals who wish to master the essentials of management for the purpose of applying these skills in their particular work contexts.

Learning Outcomes

The step-by-step study guide systematically navigates the candidate through the video lectures and supporting study material. The course lecturers are available to answer any specific questions that may arise. The course evaluation consists of topic-related online multiple-choice question assignments and a final practical written assignment. After completion of this short course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand and explain the importance of project management techniques
  2. Explain that the project lifecycle is subdivided into sequential phases
  3. Distinguish between Portfolio-. Programme- and Project Management
  4. Distinguish between the different stakeholders involved in a project
  5. Understand the importance of having a proper business case strategy
  6. Explain that the project definition phase develops the business case into an initial project design
  7. Understand that the project execution phase delivers the project initiative
  8. Explain that the project commissioning and handover phase officially verifies, tests and documents project work completion
  9. Understand that the operational phase includes the deliverable operational start-up, upgrades and disposal over time
  10. Understand that project planning and control enable the project manager to outline how the project’s goals and objectives are achieved
  11. Manage the scope of work by ensuring that the project’s scope includes all the work required to achieve the project objectives
  12. Develop a work breakdown structure that enables the project manager to define the scope of work
  13. Explain how the critical path method (CPM) enables the project manager to determine the start and finish dates for all project activities
  14. Motivate that the Gantt chart enables the project manager to present the projects schedule in an easy-to-understand bar chart format
  15. Motivate that project schedule management enables the project manager to complete a project on time and within budget
  16. Explain how project procurement management enables the project manager to acquire the goods and services required to perform the project scope of work
  17. Explain that a request for proposal (RFP) from the project manager is part of project procurement management, and a formal document to procure goods or services
  18. Understand that resource planning links project resource requirements with the organization’s resource pool and project plans
  19. Motivate that project cost management enables the project manager to complete the project within the prescribed budget
  20. Understand that project cash flow enables the project manager to graphically present the flow of funds through the project’s account
  21. Explain that project control enables the project manager to monitor and control a project’s progress to finish on time, budget, and quality
  22. Explain the Earned Value concept and its use.

Technology-Enhanced Distance Learning

All short courses are completed individually through technology-enhanced distance learning. You have online access to your lecture videos and supporting study material on a weekly basis.  Weekly assignments are submitted and graded online.

Course Fee

The fee is R11 500.00, which includes your online study material.  Persons based outside South Africa can pay in US Dollars, Euros, or GB Pounds. Payment of fees must be affected before access to the course.

Language Requirements


Course Availability

Short courses are available internationally. A new cycle of short courses starts every first Monday of each month from February to November.

Assessment and Awarding of Certificates

You will complete weekly online multiple-choice question assignments that count equally.  Your final course mark will be based on the average of the weekly scores achieved and the final practical written examination. The final pass mark is 50%. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course. Should you achieve a distinction (80% or higher), this will be so indicated on your certificate.

Entrance Requirements

The course is open to anyone who is basically proficient in English and has internet access.

Benefits of this course

  • Provides perspective on general principles of management that can be applied to virtually all professions.
  • Teaches you the fundamental tools and techniques of project management.

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