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Who are We?

Cranefield College is a preeminent provider of private higher education, and has established itself internationally as a pioneer in the fields of project, programme, portfolio, supply chain and value chain management. The College provides technology-enhanced distance education of the highest quality, including live online classes. Its courses cover topics that are vital to the successful management of organisations, particularly in today’s world where it is imperative to be a learning organisation.

Cranefield offers a range of cutting-edge courses and full academic programmes related to the fields mentioned above. The College prides itself on delivering top-quality education that fulfils the leadership and management needs of any organisation, whether in the private or public sector. Our greatest satisfaction is the feedback received from countless students who have significantly advanced their careers after obtaining Cranefield qualifications.

Become a Project and Programme Management Leader in your Field

Our commitment to continuous lifelong learning is one of our and your most competitive edges. Cranefield continuously keeps ahead of ground-breaking paradigms and practices.

Become a leader within your project and programme management field when you choose Cranefield College.

Earn an Accredited Degree, Diploma or Certificate.

Cranefield College is a registered Private Higher Education Institution, and its academic programmes have been accredited by the Council on Higher Education and registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training. It is also certified as an ISO-9001 institution.

Our Approach to Project and Programme Management

Cranefield follows an outcomes-based adult learning approach in its teaching and learning, using both theory and case material. This approach enables continuous transformation and ensures improved performance. This results in enhanced communication skills and integration of operations by applying a systems approach.

How can you benefit from it?

  • Provides maximum flexibility and agility.
  • The entire process of programme delivery is enhanced, also enabling you to attend classes interactively online from your office or home.
  • You can view recordings of the classes and HD videos of important topics online.

Study Through Technology-Enhanced Distance Learning

Cranefield offers Technology-Enhanced Distance Learning through its online virtual learning environment (VLE) and class contact. It entails integration of live online classes, traditional face-to-face classes, and high definition (HD) videos of important topics.