Cranefield Academy

of Knowledge

The Cranefield Academy of Knowledge is a division of Cranefield College and offers a wide range of short online courses. Lessons are conducted using the best available online
education technologies. This makes it possible for students to enrol and study from
anywhere in the world.

Our Course Content is Developed

by Top Academics and Practitioners

Our short courses support many sectors in the economy, and are focused on the leadership and management needs of private and public organisations. Short course content at Cranefield Academy is designed to cover all the important aspects of value chain performance management, including the supply chain and project work.


Our competitive edge

Cranefield Academy recognises that employers prefer employees to have job-relevant education and training in order to improve the competence of employees. We recognise that employers also need employees with all necessary skills required in order to be of immediate benefit to their organisations. The most notable accolade received from students is that they can immediately apply the short course knowledge gained, in their work contexts. This ‘practice while you learn’ philosophy is why we believe Cranefield Academy has a profound competitive edge.

The benefits of Studying Cranefield Academy Short Courses include: