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Short Courses

R 11, 500.00

Project Management

R 19, 950.00

CPD course: Project Management: Perspective, Planning and Implementation (3 CPD Points) NQF L6

R 19, 950.00

CPD Course: Project Management: Leading, Creating, Implementing & Improving (3 CPD Points) NQF L7

R 6, 900.00

Business Management (Specialised Short Course)

R 8, 850.00

Law of Contract for Business

R 5, 900.00

Industry 4.0 Programme Management

R 6, 900.00

Innovation Management

R 5, 900.00

Quality Organisational Transformation

R 8, 800.00

Advanced Business English

R 11, 500.00

Advanced Legal English

R 14, 500.00

Advanced Writing Skills

R 5, 200.00

Quality Strategy Implementation

R 6, 800.00

Planning and Managing Public-Private Partnerships

R 7, 900.00

Structuring Supply Chain Projects Portfolios

R 6, 900.00

Quality Organisational Design

R 7, 900.00


R 7, 900.00

Leadership for Industry 4.0

R 14, 500.00

Advanced Academic Writing

R 6, 900.00

General Management


Why Cranefield Academy of Knowledge?

With our short courses, you have constant access to all your study materials, including links to online lecture videos, through Cranefield’s user-friendly virtual learning environment. Tests and assignments are also completed and submitted online.

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The Cranefield Academy of Knowledge offers a wide range of online short courses that can be completed through technology-enhanced distance learning globally​

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Cranefield offers a range of Project, Programme, Supply Chain and Value Chain Management Academic Qualifications​

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Benefits of Studying
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Content for our short courses are developed by top academics and practitioners in their field in order to advance your career. What you learn from us is of immediate benefit to you and your employer.
  • Short course content structured to advance your career.
  • Gain knowledge that enables you to achieve your life’s ambition.
  • Employers prefer job-relevant education, which is precisely what we provide.
  • Our cutting-edge technology enables you to study comfortably from home or office.
  • All study materials, including top-quality lecture videos for all short courses, are available online.
  • All tests and examinations are completed and/or submitted online via our virtual learning environment.

Certification of Short Courses

Upon completion of any of our short courses, the Academy issues a certificate confirming that you have successfully completed the course. The certificate is signed and validated by the Principal of Cranefield College.


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