Advanced Business English

Sharpening your command of English will contribute in a variety of ways to your professional (and personal) development. The Advanced Business English MDL short course is designed to enable the busy professional to master the essentials of accurate and correct English quickly and conveniently (through concentrated learning and consistent daily application). The central aim is to promote effective and efficient communication in the professional context, focusing on practical and technical precision. The course aims to equip people with essential knowledge and skills in formal written and spoken English, and to cultivate an orientation of developing these in everyday practice. The course is modified depending on the country in which you are professionally active. In the American and Canadian contexts, for instance, ‘American English’ (rather than ‘British English’) must be consistently used. In the context of all the Commonwealth countries, on the other hand, ‘British English’ must be consistently used.
Mode: Technology-Enhanced Distance Learning
Starting Date: Every Month except December and January
Topic Lectures: Online lectures of each topic
Course Duration 10 Weeks on a part-time (online) basis
Who is this course designed for?

The course is specifically designed for:

  • Leaders and managers
  • Business or legal professionals

The benefits of enhanced English skills

  • Effective and efficient communication (most importantly).
  • Preventing negative perceptions due to grammatical errors and/or inappropriate tone or usage.
  • Enhancing the overall quality of oral presentations and written reports/documents.
  • Depending on your particular professional context, professional credibility could also Select Course be promoted through your command of language in your oral and written communications (by applying the appropriate tone and register/‘pitch’).
  • Finally, in the academic context, English writing skills are indispensable in producing quality assignments, dissertations and theses.

Technology-Enhanced Distance Learning

All short courses are completed individually through technology-enhanced distance learning. You do not need to attend any classes. You have access to your lecture videos and other material on a weekly basis, and all your assignments are submitted online.

Course Fee

The fee is R 8, 800.00, which includes your online study material. Persons based outside South Africa can pay in US Dollars, Euros or GB Pounds. Payment of fees must be effected before access to the course.

Language Requirements


Course Availability

Short courses are available internationally. A new cycle of short courses starts every first Monday of each month from February to November.

Assessment and Awarding of Certificates

You will complete a selection of exercises in preparation for your final examination (submitted online). A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course. Should you achieve a distinction (75% or higher), this will be so indicated on your certificate.

Minimal Set-up Requirements

The distance learning approach requires a student only to have basic Internet and email access.

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